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Design, Feasibility,
Prototyping of Optical Devices and Systems

We identify the application's requirements and define the designs that comply with its specifications. We can re-design and fine tune existing products to better fit the application’s needs.

We can offer an independent and confidential exploration of new ideas and their realization by leveraging existing know-how to conduct studies and assess the feasibility of new concepts or future generations of existing products.

Process Development
for Photonics Manufacturing

We can help our clients develop, troubleshoot and manage existing processes for fabrication, packaging, testing, assembly and integration of optical components or subassemblies into systems and final products.

We leverage many years of experience in the semiconductor photonics industry and collaborations with top academic and industrial partners for prototype and product development.

Vendor Selection, Quality Control, 
Cost Optimization

Once specifications, designs, and processes are defined, we can assist our clients with selecting and managing the supply chain and implementing the best procurement options for their products, including inspection and screening procedures and requirements for vendors or for in-house manufacturing. Especially with new technologies this can be a critical step towards the reliability and steady operation of new products.



Optical sensing, non-invasive diagnostics, personal health, environmental monitoring both in industrial and home settings, and the underlying technologies that enable this essential part of our future interconnected infrastructure, are becoming ubiquitous. A few of these technologies operate in the infrared region of the spectrum and leverage the extremely high sensitivity, eye-safety, security, and real-time nature of infrared light to achieve measurements and extract information that was unavailable before now.


Evolution photonics aims to bridge the gap between ideas, technologies, and users by helping manufacturers developing products based on IR laser technologies and by helping users understand the details of their application and select the right solution for their problems.







Years of Expertise


Technical Papers








Mariano Troccoli, Ph.D.     Founder & President

Mariano Troccoli founded Evolution Photonics in 2017 as a result of a 20-year long career in infrared photonics. Previously he was the director of product development at AdTech Optics Inc., a small company that he joined in 2009 which under his tenure grew to be one of the foremost players worldwide in mid-IR photonic devices. Before joining Adtech he founded Argos Tech in Santa Clara (CA), a VC-funded spin-off of Agilent Technologies. In the 5 years before that, he was research fellow at Harvard University and Bell Labs, working with prof. Federico Capasso, the inventor of QC Lasers. He co-authored more than 100 scientific publications, filed more than 10 patents, and is regularly invited as speaker to international conferences and events. Dr. Troccoli holds a M.S. in Theoretical Physics (magna cum laude), and a Ph.D. in Quantum Electronics, both from the University of Bari, in Italy. He is a fellow of the OSA and a senior member of IEEE and SPIE. He received the “Young Investigator Award” of the Euro-MRS in 2001 and was nominated for the SPIE “Prism Awards” in 2013 and for the Intesa-SanPaolo award on Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship in 2017.

Dr. Troccoli sits on the board of several companies, is a scientific advisor to VC funds, is an active angel investor in pre-seed to series A deep tech companies, and is active as mentor and advisor to numerous startups.




Invited talk at SPIE Photonics West 2022

Pasadena, CA: Evolution Photonics' President, Dr. Mariano Troccoli, will give an invited talk at the SPIE Photonics West conference to be held in Jan 2022 in San Francisco. The topic will be on Environmental Applications of mid-IR Photonics.


EPI awarded Navy Phase II STTR

Pasadena, CA: Evolution Photonics Inc. together with AdTech Photonics and Notre-Dame University have been awarded the Phase II STTR to continue their work on mid-infrared QC lasers screening optimization procedures


EPI awarded Navy Phase I STTR

Pasadena, CA: Evolution Photonics Inc. together with AdTech Photonics and Notre-Dame University have been awarded a Phase I STTR to work on mid-infrared QC lasers screening optimization procedures


EPI awarded Phase I SBIR to work on low-cost manufacturing of mid-IR QCLs

Pasadena, CA: Evolution Photonics Inc. has been awarded a Navy Phase I SBIR to work on cost reduction of laser manufacturing for high power Quantum Cascade lasers, in collaboration with AdTech Photonics Inc.


CLEO2018 - International Day of Light - Invited Presentation

San Jose, CA: Evolution Photonics' president, Dr. Mariano Troccoli, will be holding an invited presentation at CLEO in San Jose, CA with the title "High Performance Mid-IR Devices and Their Applications to Gas Sensing", as part of the session on "Advanced Applications of Laser Radar and Remote Sensing".


Evolution Photonics collaboration with Harvard University and Argonne

Boston, MA: Evolution Photonics is proud to be part of a collaboration with Harvard University and Argonne National Labs which has led to a publication on APL Photonics titled: "Dynamic Metasurface Lens Based on MEMS Technology"


Evolution Photonics' President Dr. Mariano Troccoli, nominated for the Intesa-SanPaolo award on Entrepreneurship

New York, NY: Evolution Photonics' President, Dr. Mariano Troccoli has been selected for the San Paolo - Intesa award for Open Innovation and Entrepreneurship, co-sponsored by the Italian Scientists and Scholars of North America (ISSNAF) Association

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